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We are experienced with real estate litigation and the unique rules and regulations that apply to real estate and secured transactions. Whether our clients are seeking to restructure financial obligations, ensure adequate security, recover secured or unsecured assets through litigation or deeds in lieu of foreclosure, or modify existing obligations, the Firm has the experience to assist our clients in avoiding unnecessary risks.

The Firm’s attorneys have experience in many facets of real estate related litigation and represent clients throughout Florida in such matters. The Firm’s attorneys have represented owners, developers, secured lenders, borrowers, landlords and other clients in disputes in the following areas:

  • Purchase/sale contracts, including specific performance, escrow, rescission matters;
  • Secured loans, including foreclosures, receivership and related bankruptcy matters;
  • Residential lease/purchase agreements and eviction matters;
  • Disputes relating to title issues, including bona fide purchaser/encumbrancer status, lien and ownership priority, easement rights, mechanic’s lien rights, adverse possession and other prescriptive rights; and
  • Matters involving commercial leases, including contract negotiations and eviction matters.